Since Pantone’s announced their Color of the Year for 2018, I’ve been obsessed with finding the best ways to decorate with Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is absolutely beautiful, but also a little tricky to work into your interior design. It can look overly dramatic, and needs plenty of balancing elements to avoid looking heavy and gothic.  But I love it! It’s dark, rich and gorgeous – so,  how do we incorporate it into home décor?

Finding colors that work with Ultraviolet

Here are a whole lot of colour combinations to kick off our brainstorm!  This graphic is from the incredibly talented Erika Firm.  I love the way she names her combos, of course “Drama Queen” is my favourite!

These ideas are just the beginning, though. Ultraviolet works very well with greens or greys, and soft pastel neutral tones like beige and white. All metallic colours, like gold and silver makes it even more chic. This colour loves sparkle, crystal chandeliers, mirrors and high-gloss furniture.

Ultraviolet Interior Design Ideas

From deep and edgy to soft and girly, Ultraviolet can work with so many personalities.

CasaPopOfficial designers offer us a beautiful monochromatic room, plain with shades of violet. Check out the huge statement piece of art in the same colour story. Art is, of course, a perfect way to add colour to any space (psst, if you’re looking for an ultraviolet abstract painting, have you entered my giveaway?)

This gorgeous violet room by Nathan Turner Design.

This classic and dramatic dining room shows the most courageous and bold way to use Ultraviolet. Plenty of texture, sparkle, and drama!


If a new custom dining set isn’t in the budget – the easiest way to use Ultraviolet in a modern style is as an accent. It can be the whole wall, or a couple of pillows and lampshades. Try to get two or three complementing elements, so they tie the room together without looking too intense.

This colorful room from Decorathing

As I said earlier, white and ultraviolet are a match made in heaven. It refreshes a white wall, while the clean background makes this purple shade pop. This is perfect for the modern home, because fresh white walls have been trending for a while. These bedrooms looks elegant, simple and practical. (Oh, and If you’re a plant fanatic, green and violet are also perfect playmates!)

These vibrant kitchen accessories give your kitchen instant luxury and drama. Since kitchens tend to have a few glossy elements already, from tiles to taps, you don’t need to go overboard with wall-to-wall ultraviolet. A few key pieces like an accessory set will be more than enough to bring your kitchen into 2018.

I hope this has helped you visualise how to incorporate ultraviolet into your home a little better. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of art to introduce shades of violet into your décor, check out my shoppable online gallery.

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Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts and décor ideas with me!

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