Despite the harshness of this quote, artists, art dealers, interior designers know that it states the truth. But what does art have to match? Or does it have to match anything? That’s the confusing thing  for everybody including artists and art dealers. There are in fact no rules, no regulations or art police! There are only suggestions, and here are a couple of them.

1. Buy the art you love

Buy art only when you like it even better – buy art that you love! Even if you are buying to invest. Remember: you hang it on your wall and you will look at it for a long time. Maybe forever. It must make you happy!

2. Size matters!

When you buy your new favourite piece find the wall that suits it in size and scale. For example, don’t hang tiny picture on a large empty wall.

3. Balance is everything!

When you think about how your picture will look on the wall try to see your wall from a little distance like it’s a framed picture. Look at all the furniture against the wall, maybe window or some other pictures there, try to imagine how it will look together with the new piece. Also think about your room in whole. Don’t put too many pictures on one wall and nothing to the other. It makes it much heavier and unbalanced.

4. Gallery wall

Gallery walls are back for a while now and are still trendy and cool. Instead of one huge piece you can hang few little pictures creating an interesting wall. I’m planning to write a blog post on how to do it to help you out.

5. Play with colour!

This doesn’t mean the artwork has to match the couch! You can use your artwork to bring in colour to your space, it makes your room alive and cheerful, especially in smaller or darker rooms. But if you already have a lot of colour in the room try to use quieter or neutral colours.

To sum up: it’s all up to you!

There in no rules just common sense and little bit of taste. You can even match the couch!

Thank you so much for reading! Please share this blog with anyone you think will be interested and let me know what kind of art advise or discussion you would like me to talk about next.

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